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About Nan Stine


For over 40 years, Nan has collected beads from all over the world. These beads, both old and new, are composed of glass, gemstones, organic materials, acrylic clay... whatever is beautiful and interesting. What fascinates Nan about them is the fact that beads exist in every part of the world and have adorned people in every period of history. They are a universal language of beauty that people share, no matter what culture or era they live in.

What also interests Nan is the folklore and mythology attached to the various types of stones and colors we find in beads. To each element is attached a story of mystical powers, of healing, giving strength, inspiring the imagination... beliefs that have evolved over time. But beyond that, we enjoy beads simply because they bring us pleasure. Wearing something we find beautiful improves our day!

Each necklace in this collection carries with it the hope that it will bring pleasure to the wearer, for its beauty, the feelings its colors inspire, the possible mystical qualities its stones convey, and for its aesthetic link to all other people... that connection of universal and timeless appreciation of this tiny expression of human creativity... the bead.

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